Brother HL-L2390DW Driver

Brother HL-L2390DW driver

One of the most notable attributes of the Brother HL-L2390DW with its Driver is its electrophotographic laser printing technology. This advanced technology delivers high-quality and precise prints, making it an ideal choice for businesses and professionals alike. The printer comes equipped with a standard internal memory capacity of approximately 64 MB, providing ample storage space for print jobs.

In addition, the device features a liquid crystal display (LCD) that can display up to 16 characters and two lines, making it easy to navigate and adjust settings. It also comes with a power source that operates within the range of 110 and 120 volts of AC at 50/60 Hz, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Overall, the Brother HL-L2390DW with its Driver is a top-performing printer that delivers exceptional results. Its advanced electrophotographic laser technology, impressive memory capacity, LCD display, and reliable power source make it a valuable asset for any office or workspace.

Brother HL-L2390DW Printer Driver Downloads

Driver for Windows

Filename Size Download
Full Feature Driver and Software for Windows.exe (Recommended)

458.43 MB Download
Printer and Scanner Driver for Windows.exe (Recommended)

32.463 MB Download
Download Brother HL-L2390DW driver from Brother website

Driver for Mac OS

Filename Size Download
Full Software Package for mac 10.15.dmg

19.65 MB Download
Printer Driver for mac 10.15.dmg

7.11 MB Download
Full Software Package for mac 10.10 to 10.14.dmg

19.37 MB Download
Printer Driver for mac 10.14.dmg

7.11 MB Download
Printer Driver for mac 10.10 to 10.13.dmg

7.11 MB Download
Scanner Driver for mac 10.10 to 10.13.dmg

2.28 MB Download
Download Brother HL-L2390DW driver from Brother website


When it comes to power usage, this machine can consume up to 1104 watts at peak performance. During printing, the average power consumption at a temperature of 250C is approximately 420 watts. However, activating the quiet mode reduces the peak consumption to 240 watts during printing.

Copying requires approximately 440 watts, but switching to the quiet mode brings the power consumption down to 240 watts for the same process. In sleep mode, the machine uses a mere 4.6 watts, while deep sleep reduces power usage to only 0.8 watts.

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The dimensions of the machine’s physical sides measure at 16.1 inches in width, 10.7 inches in depth, and 15.7 inches in height. When printing at the standard model, the sound pressure level is approximately 48 dB (A). However, when utilizing the quiet mode, the printing process emits a sound pressure of 44 dB (A). The sound pressure level emitted during the ready method is around 30 dB (A). When it comes to sound power, printing results in 6.4 B(A), except in the quiet mode, where it is reduced to 6.11 B(A).

When utilizing the Brother HL-L2370dw for printing purposes, it is essential to maintain an operating temperature range of 10 to 320C. In addition, the storage temperature range should be kept between 0 and 400C. It is important to note that the relative humidity level should be maintained at 20 to 80% during operation, without any condensation. Conversely, when in storage, it is recommended to maintain a humidity range of 35 to 85%, with no condensation to ensure optimal performance.

This cutting-edge machine boasts a versatile feature set, allowing for the use of a variety of paper types. Whether you require plain paper, thin paper, recycled paper, or thick paper, this device has got you covered. With its flexibility and adaptability, you can rest assured that your printing needs will be met with optimal results. So why settle for less when you can have it all with this top-of-the-line machine? Trust us, your documents will thank you.

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